Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Author and critic Glen Dromgoole wrote about The Return of Innocence: A Fantasy Adventure in his Texas authors column, which appears in The Abilene Reporter News, The Bryan-College Station Eagle, The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, and many other newspapers across the lone star state. That installment of Dromgoole’s column also covers works from Elmer Kelton, James A. Mangum, Mike Kearby, Pete Brewton, Carol Jo Parsons, Ronda Thompson, L. C. Hayden, and Judith McNaught.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Monday, November 06, 2006

Listen for my interview with the founder of StoneWall Society on the internet radio station Rainbow World Radio. StoneWall Society promotes music, books, artwork, and other media that feature positive images of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.

I previously received three two 2002 Pride in the Arts Awards and a 2003 Pride in the Arts Award.

Nominations will begin on November 8 for the StoneWall Society 2006 Pride in the Arts Awards, and voting will begin shortly after the nominations end; nominations and voting details will appear at StoneWall Society.

StoneWall Society is now celebrating its seventh year. Watch here for the time and date of my interview, and for details about the Pride in the Arts nominations.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Mark Kendrick, author of Stealing Some Time and Into This World We’re Thrown, wrote the following review of The Return of Innocence: A Fantasy Adventure, at Amazon.Com.

In 'The Return of Innocence', Duane Simolke once again proves his writing mastery. Populated by at least two dozen characters, the story focuses on Sasha, a young female swordswoman, and her quest to destroy the evil Tay-lii. With well-fleshed out characters at her side, Sasha (or Innocence) goes on a classic fantasy adventure through the world of Theln, which exists right along the dimensional edge of another one of Duane's stories called 'Degranon'. So, along with his other offerings in the genre of contemporary fiction and sci-fi, Duane has produced this fantasy story; again proving his ability to write in any genre he needs.

To me, the mark of an excellent writer is the ability to write in a voice not his own - and to stay consistent in that character. Duane achieves that in spades by writing from the point of view of a young female warrior and taking it to its inevitable conclusion in 'The Return of Innocence'. Another mark of an excellent writer is the ability to shift genres when necessary to achieve an aim. I have read stories from three genres that Duane has written in and I've found them superb. This is an author you don't want to miss!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Gay Pride Event

Walton, West Virginia, June 16-18. The first StoneWall Society Pride in the Arts Festival will include spoken word artists reading passages from my books The Acorn Stories and Holding Me Together. This gay pride event will take place at Longfork Campgrounds and Resort. I won’t be able to attend, but I’m honored by the inclusion of my works, and I hope some of my readers can go. The event also includes movies, music, and visual arts. According to StoneWall Society’s founder, “The Pride In The Arts Festival is a direct offspring of the Annual Pride In The Arts Awards presented by StoneWall Society. The goal of the PITA Awards and Festival is to provide support and to help create an awareness of our community artists.”

Monday, May 08, 2006

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Press release.

Lubbock, Texas: Saturday, June 3, 2-4 PM. Duane Simolke will sign copies of The Return of Innocence: A Fantasy Adventure, at Barnes & Noble (6707 Slide Road). He will also sign his West Texas fiction collection The Acorn Stories.

The Return of Innocence blends humor and romance with exciting fantasy action. Visit Theln, a planet of magic, dragons, nobility, and heroes. Sasha Varov was born into a noble home in the Thelni kingdom of Jaan, but Sasha’s father dared to oppose the king’s sorcerer, Wuhrlock. Sasha and her family became exiles on a desolate island.

At sixteen, Sasha left her island home to buy seeds in Jaan. She stumbled into a series of misadventures that ended with the death of Wuhrlock and made Sasha a legend, known as “Innocence.” Never mind that the legend barely resembled the truth, or that Sasha caught Wuhrlock in an unguarded moment. When Sasha returned for more seeds, the people of Jaan expected her to defeat a much more ruthless and powerful sorcerer.

Duane Simolke wrote the short story "The Return of Innocence" in 1983. With contributions by Toni Davis, he later developed it into a novel, now available for the first time.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Echo Magazine, a weekly publication for gays in Arizona, reviewed my book Holding Me Together on their Web site and in issue 428. The following page will change, but the review was posted online here: Echo: Between the Covers. Or see Page 55 of the following PDF file: Echo Magazine Issue 428.

“Duane Simolke's Holding Me Together: Essays and Poems 1983-2005 (iUniverse, $17.95, pap.) is an update and revision to his 1999 book, also titled Holding Me Together. It's a curious marriage of genres, and both the poetry and the essays favor political and cultural issues. For more information about this and other books by Simolke, readers can visit http://DuaneSimolke.com.”
HomoMojo Reviewer Praises Degranon

Friday, February 03, 2006

February 3 Press Release: for immediate distribution

Lubbock, Texas: Brokeback Mountain Event

The Lubbock Film Society and Lubbock Interfaith Fellowship for Equality invite the public to attend “The View from Brokeback Mountain,” an evening of discussion about this important new film.

The event will be held on Saturday, February 18, at 7:00 p.m. at
the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts located at 511 Avenue K. Admission is free.

Panelists for the program are William Kerns, A-J entertainment editor and film critic for KLLL Radio (96.3FM); James Eppler, film critic for KQBR 99.5 FM and on-line critic for the Lubbock Film Society; Chris Caddel, local film maker; Kathryn Boren, pastor of St. John’s United Methodist Church; Duane Simolke, author of The Acorn Stories and film critic for ThisWeekInTexas.com.

The panel will critique all aspects of the film, and there will be time for audience participation.

It is suggested that attendees see the movie ahead of time and, if desired, wear Brokeback Mountain western attire to the event.

Based on a short story by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Annie Proulx, Brokeback Mountain was recently selected as Best Picture at the Golden Globes, and has received 8 Academy Awards nominations. Film lovers, don’t miss this exciting evening.