Monday, August 05, 2013

First Three Chapters of Gay Science Fiction Novel

“Unidentified space vessels, this is Captain Laaron of the Degran ship Equestar. We’re on a mining mission and mean no harm to anyone, but we have the capacity for self-defense. Please stop firing and identify yourselves.”

Only static came through the com.

Finally, a single broadcast confirmed what they suspected: something was on the planet, killing the Equestar crew members who had been mining the planet below. “Ships! They’re shooting at us!”

The static returned, and neither attackers nor crew members answered Laaron’s hails.

What kind of ships? Was it someone from another circle of Degranon? Equestar hadn’t heard from anyone outside its crew since leaving Degranon’s broadcast range.

Laaron jerked around to see if the other two officers on his deck had anything to report. Their skin-tight red and black uniforms couldn’t conceal their shaking.

Lt. Em stared back at him. With a clean-shaven head and a height that made her look down at most of the Equestar’s men, she rarely looked nervous. Over the past two years, she had remained calm during the middle of a meteor shower, a mine shaft collapse, and a case of oxygen line congestion. But enemy vessels were something new. Laaron could practically see fear throbbing through the veins of her long, brown hands, making them shake.


Sons of Taldra, Chapter 1 Draft

Sons of Taldra, Chapter 2 Draft

Sons of Taldra, Chapter 3 Draft

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